We Are Sustained by the Word of Hope

We Are Sustained by the Word of Hope

Author: Pastor H. Bill Coker
December 08, 2020


“Uphold me according to your Word, that I may live; and do not let me be ashamed of my hope” (Psalm 119:116; NKJV)

- This is the season of Advent. Advent means, the coming of…, or the coming to…! It is a season of hope. A time of anticipations and expectations. This is a time that we’ll see God honor His promises to us
- If we are hoping (Anticipating, expecting) for a thing, we cannot look back, but we must look ahead.
- Hope never looks back, it always looks ahead.
- Expectation is our determination to see God bring to pass what He promised.
- We will not be ashamed of our hope—Hope will not make us ashamed.
- Our hope flows from what the Lord has spoken concerning us—Our hope is inspired by God’s promises for us.
- The promises of God that are established in heaven for us, is our hope.

At Advent, our ultimate hope must be in Jesus and His promise to us of everlasting life!

Take Action:

1. Look in hope—Hope is set with a focus. Looking to Jesus the Author and Finisher of our faith.
2. Listen in hope—Hope speaks! The Word of Hope is good for the soul.
3. Live in hope—The Word of Hope give life.
4. Leap because of hope—When hope is fulfilled, it brings forth rejoicing.


Points of Reflection:

We will –
1. WALK confidently in the promised hope.
2. WORK in commitment to see the manifestation of the promised hope.
3. WORSHIP continually because of the promised hope.
4. WITNESS with a deep conviction, the promised hope to those who are in distress.

We will not be ashamed of our hope -- hope will not make us ashamed, for it will bring to pass all the good that the Lord has promised us. Hope never comes short -- hope never fails!


Lord, I thank you for the promised hope that You have established for me. I know that the manifestation is set for an appointed time. Give grace to endure until what you promised is revealed. I will not be ashamed of my hope, because I am convinced that You who promised will perform it. Thank you for the promised hope. In Jesus name I pray. AMEN


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