Speak to Your Mountain

Speak to Your Mountain

Author: Pastor H. Bill Coker
May 16, 2022

“So, Jesus answered and said to them, “Have faith in God. For assuredly, I say to you, whoever says to this mountain, ‘Be removed and be cast into the sea,’ and does not doubt in his heart, but believes that those things he says will be done, he will have whatever he says” Mark 11:22-23; NKJV.


There is power in words. What you speak can make or break things, especially when you speak it in faith—It can move every mountain! If you are going to change anything, you must believe in what you are speaking. God can only move upon His Word that flows out of your mouth. Speak forth His Word! The effectiveness of what you speak forth lies in the revelation or understanding of the Word of God. Remember, it is not so much what you read or speak out of the Word of God that changes or moves your mountains, rather it is what you speak out by faith and revelation of the Word of God, directed by the Holy Spirit, that’s what makes the difference. The spoken Word of God is what transforms lives; it is the very Word, when spoken with the Authority and Power of the Holy Spirit, that’s what causes mountains to move. So, speak boldly the Word of God over yourself, loved ones and situations. Speak the Word of God in faith. Speak those things which are not as though they were. See in faith what the Lord has done and is doing. Speak the Word of God with a focus. The Word must have a direction or an aim. You cannot aimlessly speak, there must be a target. Give an assignment to the Word that you speak. Speak the Word with fervency. Be determined or persevere until you experience the change that you are praying for. When you speak in faith, you are speaking in agreement with what the Lord has already spoken concerning your situation. There is a miracle just awaiting to break forth in your favor when you speak forth the Word.

Can I offer this truth? When you speak the Word of God, the response is set for an appointed time. Speaking the word aimlessly is like scattering your seed before its season. So, in silence, allow the Word to saturate your heart and mind. Have a “SELAH” Moment. Meditate or think on the Word. The Power of the Word of God in you, is greater than the strength and size of the mountain that stands before you. So, speak by faith to your mountain, and it will be blown away into the seas. If you speak in faith, mountains will crumble. If you speak in fear, you will tumble!

Scripture Meditations

Joshua 6:5 & 16; Psalm 46:10 &11; John 10:27 & 28; 1 John 4:4


O Lord, You are the Source of my strength. You are the strength of my life. I surrender my will and my way to you and I ask you to strengthen me and grant me the boldness to speak in confidence that powerful word that can make the difference in my life. Help me to clearly hear
Your voice and to obey Your Word for the appointed time. Enable me by the Power of Your Spirit to release that power that is in me to break down every wall that has prevented me from realizing all that you have for me. Give me a shout that will paralyze the enemy and render his plans and strategies inoperable. Inspire confidence in me, so that I may speak to every mountain that stands before me, until they are casted into the midst of the sea. Grant me Your grace and mercy for the days ahead. I pray in the matchless and most holy name of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Amen.

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